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The Wave

We are proud to introduce our first glider. The Wave is specially designed for those who want to learn to fly. It is the perfect wing for beginner pilots to hone their skills, obtain their licence to fly and take to the sky. From the initial sled ride to the first epic cross-country flight, the Wave is the perfect wing to learn the art of paragliding. We are delighted to present the Wave to our new pilots. Let’s see where the air takes them!

The Design

We have designed our first glider with the novice pilot in mind. The Wave has earned EN-A rating across all tests. Pilots in training can be assured they are under a stable, performing and most of all a safe canopy.


The Wave adopts a semi-light construction: a light weight internal construction for weight reduction and tougher Ripstop nylon on top for robustness. It is comfortable to carry and yet durable. The leading edge and airfoil will retain its shape and porosity with time.

Ground Handling

One of the first and most important skills a pilot has to master is controlling the wing on the ground. The wing inflates with ease, whether kiting on the ground, forward launching into nil wind, or taking off into your very first thermal. The partially sheathed lines are less prone to tangles, allowing for a stress-free setup and a quicker takeoff.

Thermalling and Turning

More air time equals more fun. Thermalling is the best way to fly longer and further. The Wave is designed to find the perfect balance between the safety and stability a beginner pilot needs and the sensitive response and feedback necessary to core a thermal.

Speed and Stability

Paragliding is meant to be fun, exciting and stress free. Our priority is to design a dependable wing that the pilot can trust to enjoy the magic of flight. The Wave is engineered with the latest shark nose design, allowing the canopy to retain its internal pressure and airfoil shape at greater pitch angles. This creates a safer and more solid canopy, allowing increased speedbar range without compromising stability. With the shark nose, the Wave is resistant to collapses and stalls. The long and consistent brake range gives the pilot more feedback and confidence in the wing and in turn more time to enjoy the flight.


flyonepolar WAVE paragliding 1_edited.jpg
Technical spec WAVE 04 2024d.jpg

Included with your glider : Inner Bag

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